After the initial rental period, both motorised and nonmotorised GSE owned and maintained by TCR are remarketed and available for sale. All equipment will be delivered in OPERATIONAL CONDITION and ready to use . The unit is inspected for safe operation and has been maintained according to the OEM maintenance standards. The equipment is ready for service.

Technical Advices

TCR extensive knowledge of ground handling operations and experience in GSE maintenance allows our sales team to advise you on the right selection of used equipment.

Maintenance & Refurbishment

The equipment is prepared by our staff of skilled mechanics and technicians in one of the TCR workshops according to your requirements. Different levels of refurbishment are possible from up-todate maintenance to zero-time factory condition.

refurbishment levels

BEFORE                                                               AFTER

TCR Refurbishment of used GSE

TCR maintenance capabilities includes mechanics, body work, engine maintenance, hydraulics, painting, electric repairs, electronics.

TCR know-how and repair capabilities

Associated Services

TCR is more than a reseller as we provide added value services that makes our offer a unique one-stop shop solution with regard to your ground handling needs.

° Pre-sales technical advice and consultancy

   (fleet management, fleet sizing, …)

°  After-sales and on-site technical support and trainings

°  Spare parts

°  Worldwide transport

TCR extensive knowledge of airport equipment allow us to maintain all famous brands on the market:

Air Marrel, Airgate, AMSS, Aviogei, Charlatte, CIP, Clyde, Contrac Cobus Industries, Cuthbertson, Dedienne, Douglas, Edghill, Einsa, Esteban, FMC, Franke, Frech, Fruehauf, GHH Fharzeuge, Goldhoffer, Guinault, Hitzinger, Hobart, Houchin, Hydro, Kalmar, Kocoverk, Lebrun, Lomma, Mafi, MAK, Mallaghan, Marzasa, Miloco, Mulag, Neoplan, Noge, Owen Holland, Oxymetal, Phillips, Pinon, Powerstow, Rofan, Schopf, Smith Electric, Sovam, Spijkstaal, SPS, Stewart & Stevenson, Stiehl, Still, TCG, TEMG, TLD, Toyota Handling, Trilectron, Tronair, Tug, Usimat, Vestergaard, Viking, Volk, Wasp, Zellinger, etc …

Spare parts

TCR holds extensive stock of spare parts and will provide the necessary spare parts in accordance with the manufacturer specifications wherever the equipment stands.

 TCR stock of GSE spare parts TCR stock of GSE spare parts 
 TCR extensive stock of spare parts

Worldwide Transport

TCR has a wide experience with organising cost-effective GSE shipments all over the world.

TCR has an extensive database with many transport and shipping companies which are specialised in transporting Ground Support Equipment worldwide.

On-site technical support

TCR can send their highly experienced technicians all over the world. These technicians have a lot of know-how in different aspects of the GSE, from the hydraulics up to the electronic components.

Languages spoken by our employees: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, German.

Internet connections (Skype) allow TCR technicians to give online support if assistance is an immediate necessity.